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A Look at Moonstone Jewelry

Posted on August 29 2019

A Look at Moonstone Jewelry


Magic of the Moon

As old as the moon, moonstones possess a mystic gift. It holds our inner truths, dormant beneath its pearly shroud. And with its vigor, the hidden bits of the soul is brought to light. Since our connection to the moon has long been embedded far beyond time, we are perpetually linked to its different faces. Crowned as a spark for lovers’ passion, travelers’ protective talisman, a medium for prediction, and a way to enlightenment, Moonstone is a slice of the powers of the moon that you can wear.

Moonstone’s Dreamy Luster

Moonstone is a Feldspar mineral revealing a lax opacity and a gleaming white façade known as chatoyancy or “cat’s eye” – the band of light that moves. Some call it adularescence for its mysterious glow that changes in position every time the stone is moved. Moonstone can be seen in subtle hues of blue, white, peach, gray, and a gaudy kind called the Rainbow Moonstone. In ancient times, stories were told about how people see the creamy silver brilliance from the crescent to the ebbing stages of the moon.

Moonstone in Different Cultures

Revered in many countries for thousands of years, Moonstone held a vital role in India, China, Ancient Rome, and Middle Age Europe. It was used by monks, spiritualists, and other mystics who have renounced materialism to pursue their inner journey. It abolishes superficiality and fortifies the faith of religious people all over the world.

Moonstone is a staple gem in Roman jewelry for almost two thousand years as they believe it unfolds the Moon Goddess’ image; Diana bestows wealth, love, wisdom, and victory to the wearer of the stone. An Asian legend professed that the greatest blue Moonstones are brought by the tides every 21 years, while other legends claim that it can give the powers of prophecy.

Moonstone jewelry boomed in the Art Nouveau period, and it was famed in Europe when it was said to reunite couples and heal insomnia. In the 60’s hippie era, Moonstone matched the otherworldly look the wearers were going for. And in the 90’s New Age period, designers sought for Moonstone’s esoteric beauty for spur and inspiration.

Hindu Roots

Moonstone has always been a sacred stone in India. It was only exhibited to be sold if it’s on a yellow cloth since yellow is a sacred color. As the stone of gods and goddesses, it helps in killing the ego to achieve spiritual clarity. Implanted on the forehead of Ganesha, the four-handed god of the moon, Moonstone is believed to have lived since the beginning of time. With its color and the deity it signified, it has reached a milky luster together with the waning and expansion of the moon. Its final guise earned its name, Moon Stone.

As an emblem of passion for lovers, it has become a customary wedding gift. It also allows them to read the future, but in order to gain this power, they must place the stone in their mouths during full moon. The gem may have originated in India, but it is now reveled around the world for its ethereal radiance and supernatural charm, making Moonstone jewelry a must have in the New Age movement of today and for centuries to come.

Mystic Stone

The gem is said to lose its shimmer if the wearer has a lot of anger bottled deep within. For wedding anniversaries, some cultures consider Moonstone as a gift for the thirteenth year of marriage and the succeeding thirteen years after that because they believe that the wisdom of the stone will diminish the negative connotation for thirteen – widely known as the number for bad luck.

Traveler’s Stone

The brilliant gem is used as a Traveler’s Stone. Those who travel by night or above water are protected especially if the moon is shining. It was used as illumination in the earlier times, when electricity wasn’t conceived yet. Now, it is used as illumination for the dark times of life in general. And because of Moonstone’s elevating energy of hope, it has long been worn as a talisman to protect the explorer and boost his or her personality.

Moonstone Jewelry

The New Age movement has introduced different gems to guide us in our unique journeys. Most of the stones are just too riveting to not be in the mainstream spotlight. Simply for their beauty, many crystals and gemstones all over the world have been incorporated in jewelry making. These days, celebrities grew fond of the quirky designs of Moonstone jewelry that it is worn simply for fashion purposes.

But those who are aware of its healing effects know that there’s something beyond its rainbow glimmer. Moonstone jewelry is famed for its playful lighting, but it’s a worldwide phenomenon because it has the magic of the moon.


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