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How to Take Care of your Opal Jewelry piece

Posted on August 31 2019

How to Take Care of your Opal Jewelry piece

Opal Jewelry has been popular for centuries, but we still get asked what the proper way is to care for opal Jewelry. opal is a precious gemstone that when cared for correctly will last a lifetime and can be handed down throughout generations.  Opals are more delicate then other gemstones, but they can still be worn daily as long as some simple rules are followed.

Our tips :

Opal rings that are claw set should be treated with extra care. These types of rings are mainly used for cocktail rings that are worn on occasion. If you plan to wear a claw set opal ring daily, just be aware that there is a chance the opal may get caught on something.

What should I do to avoid damaging an Opal? Don’t wear it doing the gardening, because the sand or soil may take the polish off the stone, or, if you get too energetic, you could smash the stone against a rock, and opals are fragile. Take it off if you are doing any sort of work that could bring the stone in contact with hard surfaces. A flick of the wrist in the wrong direction could chip it.

Check your Jewelry. Inspect your jewelry regularly for claw damage. You can do this yourself if you have a magnifying glass. There’s no mystery to it. If you can see that the claw is loose, and the stone moves a little, it’s good to get something done about it.

Always avoid using any chemicals, toothpaste or abrasives when cleaning your opal jewelry. The best method for cleaning your opals is with the use of soapy, warm water solution.


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